FAQ About Bloodlust

Q: Why am I afflicted with Bloodlust?

A: While chronic Bloodlust is incredibly rare for humans, it is almost considered a birthright for those who have been turned. After the change, your heart is no longer beating, your digestive tract fractionally active and the need for traditional food is diminished or gone. However, blood contains the essential life force needed to sustain your undead body. This need for vital energy also know as prana, qi or pneuma, will create cravings surpassing any known in the human world.

Q: What are the symptoms of Bloodlust?

A: Some symptoms of Bloodlust include but are not limited to faintness, dizziness, nervousness, constant fatigue, weakness, dry mouth not satiated by any other liquids, irritable mood, lack of pleasure in otherwise enjoyable activities, overly acute smell for plasma, unwanted fang exposure, uncontrollable biting and an over-heightened sense of the human pulse. One may also experience:

*Unquenchable thirst
*Inability to control behavior
*Social anxiety
*Brutal, violent attacks

Blood Energy Potion Girl Bloody

Q: Won’t Bloodlust just go away?

Bloodlust is signaling a physical and psychic need and although it can be controlled, it will never go away. The use of high quality blood substitutes like Blood Energy Potion treat Bloodlust and let you get back to your non-life.

Q: Should I tell my family, friends and people at work?

A: Depending on the severity of your Bloodlust, uncomfortable but honest discussions are sometimes necessary. Unless they are willing donors, most humans are averse to being bitten, even if they are friends or family. Sinking your fangs into your co-worker is even less acceptable and often detrimental to office morale. Not to mention the potential sexual harassment lawsuit. Avoid these, pardon the play on words, sticky situations by having an open conversation in which you can explain your condition and establish boundaries if need be. Communicating your weaker moments to those close to you can help forecast flare-ups. It's worth mentioning that not all of your loved/liked ones will respond favorably to your new condition. Be patient with them and be grateful for the ones that remain by your side, despite your advancement in the food chain.

Q: What's in it?

A: 80mg of caffeine, protein, iron, fun stuff! Check out the full facts here.

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