Blood Energy Potion is the world’s only blood substitute. This blend contains the protein, electrolytes and enzymes you thirst for in a delicious fruit-punch flavor.

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Q: How does Blood Energy Potion work?

A: With the same color, consistency and tactile experience of real blood, this substitute is comforting to drink while supplying you with many of the nutrients of real blood. The propriety energy blend will give you that charge of life force to help control many of your Bloodlust symptoms.

Q: When will I start feeling better?

A: The simple act of drinking Blood Energy Potion will make most undead feel better about their Bloodlust immediately. In most cases, the energy blend takes from ten to fifteen minutes to feel and lasts up to four hours for most subjects.

Q: Who should not drink Blood Energy Potion?

A: Do not drink Blood Energy Potion if you are a mortal or immortal under 12 years of age. Blood Energy Potion is not for use by mortal or immortal pregnant women, even those carrying an unborn child with vampirism. Blood Energy Potion contains phenylalanine and should not be consumed by those with phenylketonuria.

Q: Is Blood available in generic form?

A: No. There is currently no generic form of Blood Energy Potion.
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Q: How else can I help my Bloodlust in addition to drinking Blood Energy Potion?

A: Living a healthy lifestyle with plenty of nighttime exercise and eight hours of daytime rest will help reduce your cravings. During times of intense flare-ups, distractions such as television, reading and conversation with other immortals may be helpful. Supplementing your intake of Blood Energy Potion with blood rich foods can also help keep your energy up. Be sure to check out some of these delicious recipes.

Q: Can I drink Blood Energy Potion if I am still human?

A: Blood Energy Potion may be enjoyed by mortals over 12 years of age. The protein, vitamins, boost of energy and delicious fruit flavor will help appease the fang-envy of living.

Q: Will drinking Blood Energy Potion as a human give me vampire powers?

A: Unfortunately not. Blood Energy Potion will not make you immortal, beautiful, incredibly fast, telepathic or freakishly strong. However, you will retain proportional bicuspids and may continue to enjoy sunbathing while eating garlic-rich appetizers. Drinking Blood Energy Potion will not make you sparkle in the daylight.

Q: Will drinking Blood Energy Potion help me with other afflictions of the undead?

A: No, it will not. If you are undead, please continue to avoid sunlight, holy water, garlic and wooden stakes.

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