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"I was turned a few years ago, but wasn't aware that I had been, since it had happened while I was sleeping. I wondered about the strange symptoms for years until I went to Horrorfind Weekend 12 in Gettysburg, PA, where I found out about Bloodlust through your pamphlet, and was given a free sample of Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion! I felt complete! It has all the goodness of Blood with none of the Guilt! I hope to start up a "Blood Lounge" one day where other Vampires can enjoy Blood from 9pm to 5am! Thanks, Harcos Labs!"

- Kyron R. (Sept. 12, 2010)

"Three hundred and fifty years ago I was turned, a lot has happened since then but the most frustrating was with the coming of the blood bank came my blood lust. Alors, for a decades I tried to keep it under control using all sorts of techniques they told me at the cooking club but none worked...Finally, the cure is right at my fang tips and all us immortals have to do is reach out and take it! Thank you so much for this incredible product... "

- Antoinette T. (Jul. 12, 2010)

"When you do volunteer work at a blood bank, temptation always rears its head. The nurses, the well-stocked fridge, and the numerous donors who give away meals throughout the day. When I found the B+ packets I was delighted. Now, I can take blood from others without losing my volunteer job. I also don't get the horrid taste of the anticoagulant that is in the regular blood bags. They say that people who draw blood for a living are called "vampires." As long as they don't suspect a real one amongst them, I have no problem."

- Gia (Feb. 20, 2010)

"It has been really difficult for the past 50 or so years since being turned. I was an upcoming film actress back in the 50s and then I got the chance to become immortalized, and not only on film. I didn't think about my soon to be growing blood lust and had a difficult time getting through long film shoots with no B+ in my stomach to energize me. People started to talk, so I retired from my film career very early. Now that your wonderful product has been released, I have been able to start my film acting, my passion, back up! Do you know what? I am now in a few movies that are going to be coming out soon! Thanks Blood Energy Potion!"

- Amanda (Jan. 12, 2010)

"After a few hundred years of high school, teachers start to look more and more like a great choice for a quick meal. And with the sudden rise in popularity of the "sparkle-pyre", more and more of the mortals who naturally flock to me seem like easy pickings. But thanks to your product, it's much easier to turn homework into my teachers, instead of turning my teachers into my next meal. And it's easier to sit through those long, rather silly, movies with the sparkling vampyre wanna-bes without wishing to show the mortals there what a real vampire is like. Thanks for the Fang-tastic product!"

- Krys (Nov. 24, 2009)

" When you have lived for more then two centuries you start to think you have seen it all the peasants the pitchforks, some idiot with a cross and a stake. You begin to think you have tasted it all black, white, italian, jewish it all starts to blend together. Then amongst all of the modern conveniences comes a modern contrivance such as this. I am happy to say it offsets my midnight cravings. No longer do I keep a harlot around for those times when the hunting goes poorly. Yes this product satiates my needs and has a taste unique that no bagged blood could match.

- Ian B. (Oct. 20, 2009)




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