Zombie Blood
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"If a zombie bites you, it's bad.
you bite a zombie, it's crazy delicious!"

                - Dr. Amad Cyontist
Unlike other zombies that eat brains, our zombies are fed only the best farm-raised produce.

Learn About Zombie Jerky

Q: What is Zombie Jerky?

A: Zombie Jerky is the world's first artificial green colored beef jerky. It's a great snack for when you relentlessly chase down zombies. Or run from them... All in all, it's delicious "undead" goodness that feels like it's ripped straight from the bone of the ghoul that ate your grandma. We must admit though, she did put up a great fight in the end.

Q: Why is Zombie Jerky green?

A: Well, Zombie Blood is green. This jerky used to be a part of a zombie who had green blood flowing through it. Did we also mention that it has a whole 13 grams of protein? That makes it awesome, especially for the body builders on the run. Leave the protein bars at home and bring a bag of this delicious green jerky with you for during your workout routines and zombie hunting expeditions.

Zombie Jerky


Q: Will I be considered a cannibal if I eat this jerky?

A:When a zombie eats a human is it considered cannibalism? Nope. A majority of our Facebook fans believe the exact same thing towards eating zombies. So at least among those on Facebook you will be embraced and not considered a cannibal. As one of our fans (Neven) said in response to this very question: "No. It makes you AWESOME."

Q: Are there any flavors besides Teriyucky?

A: At this moment in time, no. It took us a while to find the perfect blend of spices to bring out the best taste in our zombie meat, and we haven't touched it since. It might have been also because one of our testers became a zombie after eating a first round of test jerky, but since then we have fixed the formula and have had no cases of zombification.

Q: When can I get my hands on some Zombie Jerky?

A: This product is available now at our web store and soon at retailers nationwide! Follow us on our Facebook page, Zombies Are Delicious, via the "Join Our Community" link on the left for updates on Zombie Jerky!

Zombie Jerky Photo

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